One of our most educational possessions of recent has been the trail camera. We continue to learn from photos taken with the technology. “Expect the unexpected” proved true once again the week of Jan. 10, using that tool. Upon committing the ‘SD card’ to computer screen, we discovered that a wild mink had visited the suet offerings near the bird feeding stations, and was in, out and gone in five minutes.

We had never experienced this species of furry mammal at this location before, but it took little guessing to decide who the intruder was, slithering in at 2:00 a.m. with a temperature of minus-two Fahrenheit. Yes, it was feeding upon a chunk of bloody suet, (the MNDNR calls them the “most common water mammal predator (carnivore) in Minnesota. They are found in nearly every wetland, lake and creek in the state.” (We would add, “pre-drought.)

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